Storytellings through The Girl's dazed & confused, wild-eyed, romantic looking glass of the world. 



Undulating blooms and vines, optimism and oddities – this is the new book of Purple Haze & The Girl. This love story cultivates a romantic ethereal streak that was fostered by The Girl's steady study diet of French cinema and Old Hollywood grandeur. 
By staying true to its signature rock 'n' roll roots, this space introduces new chapters, cryptic writings  and a fistful of psychedelic botany-inspired scenes. 
Feed the masses, those dour faces said. But she refused. 
Read. Look. Love. 
Close. Closer...
the Velvet Hour has begun. 


Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut collection for Dior presented a message that clearly signalled the beginning of a revolutionary era: we should all be feminists. The slogan that was emblazoned across a white tee and paired with a floor-length embroidered tulle skirt was a coup de main. And Chiuri continues to plumb Dior's archive.
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10 things I've learned from Godard. 

Jean-Luc Godard – a man that has roared so loud, he reverberated through the annals of French New Wave cinema. From rejecting popular cinematic formats to his cast of femme fatales (Anna Karina, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg), he is still a provocateur at the age of 85. And his indisputable effect on contemporary cinema refuses to wane. To celebrate his birthday, here's what I've learned from Godard's oeuvre... 


On Sunsets

Every day she eagerly waited for a moment – this beautiful moment when the scarlet sun slid down the velvet sky and kissed the earth goodnight. Yes, every day she gazed at LA sunsets and gained strength… 
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Nevermind LA
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Nevermind Los Angeles is a publication created by Evangelina Fysa as part of her Final Major Project at University. The magazine – or movie on paper, as she describes it – is a dazzling pop poem about misfit youth made with a cast of unique characters. 

The concept has been characterised by industry critics as "awe-inspiring, innovative, poetic and inexplicable." The acute attention to detail and the ‘magazine as a movie’ approach were "inspired and inspiring." One could imagine this magazine on sale in any credible book or music store "as it is of such a believable and authentic standard."

Evangelina received an illustration and advice from filmmaker Harmony Korine. Nevermind LA was shortlisted in the Top 10 at GFW for the Drapers Publication Award

7 scenes, 7 miles long. It's all in the end.  Spot the subliminal symbol, it's within you. Still don't get it? Nevermind.