Storytellings through The Girl's dazed & confused, wild-eyed, romantic looking glass of the world. 


Undulating blooms and vines, optimism and oddities – this is the new book of Purple Haze & The Girl. This love story cultivates a romantic ethereal streak that was fostered by The Girl's steady study diet of French cinema and Old Hollywood grandeur. 
By staying true to its signature rock 'n' roll roots, this space introduces new chapters, cryptic writings  and a fistful of psychedelic botany-inspired scenes. Feed the masses, those dour faces said. But she refused. 
Read. Look. Love.Close. Closer...
the Velvet Hour has begun. █  
– The Girl
Rédactrice en chef   Evangelina Fysa


Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut collection for Dior presented a message that clearly signalled the beginning of a revolutionary era: we should all be feminists. The slogan that was emblazoned across a white tee and paired with a floor-length embroidered tulle skirt was a coup de main. And Chiuri continues to plumb Dior's archive.
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L'image inspirante du week-end: Jane Birkin. 

Anglo-French muse Jane Birkin starred alongside Alain Delon and Romy Schneider in LA PISCINE, directed by Jacques Deray in Saint Tropez, France in August, 1968.


Pastel Daydream

It was not often that she found herself drifting into the realm of dreams. But when she did, she would wander straight into his bedroom. It was almost as if she would enter this vast expanse of blanc and mold it after their sweet memories.
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On Grunge

Yes, 90s grunge. With its disheveled look, sonic-distorted sound and ethos of austerity and authenticity, it was not only an emerging music scene but it also evoked the frustration of the youth. It became my first taste of delicious insurrection.
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