Maybe in the end it is not about belonging to someone. We think that we are not lovable if we are not in a relationship. Yes, being in love is beautiful. But what about the other types of love?

Do you have parents that love you unconditionally? Do you have friends that love you through thick and thin? Pets? Teachers? 

Just because someone hasn't asked you out on a date doesn't mean that you are not wanted. Just because someone broke your heart doesn't mean that you are not lovable.
You know, love exists in other forms too. Like when you go on a road trip with a bunch of friends; or when you drink wine with your girlfriends and laugh out so hard your stomach hurts. 

It is not about finding our soul mates. It is about piecing ourselves together. Because once you start loving and accepting yourself for who you are, the right person will come along. And when that happens, you won't belong to each other; you will belong together.