Sometimes a single word encapsulates everything you need to know about a trend. Festival is such a word: pounding bass, surprise guest appearances, unlikely collaborations, public meltdowns and on-stage debauchery all happen on the biggest stages of the music world. And since hyperbole is a concept favourited by contemporary culture, the indefatigable concept of the music festival has become a well-oiled vehicle for the carefree lifestyle. The magic of a music festival lies in its lack of societal conformities, breaking the rules and embracing the juxtaposition of different ethnic groups. It’s about declaring independence from the shackles of the status quo. 

Remember that era when psychedelic music became the embodiment of the frustration of the youth, when a peace movement emerged during the Vietnam War and floral crowns were the sine qua non of the hippies? Yes the 1960s are one of the most influential and proactive decades in history and subsequently one of the reasons why I was born in the wrong era. I am not saying that the 1960s were all sunshine and lollipops, but the ideology behind this hippie subculture was based upon love, peace and personal freedom. And that's something I admire; you know to be able to create your own identity in a society where you are told so many times what you need to be. And just like the hippies, I am using this newfound happiness to enjoy my own "post-war period" and strive to free myself from the status quo. To be an addition to the world, to add colour to the mundane and have confidence in being unique. So now you know why I wear floral garlands.