Whenever I am stressed out my thoughts are all over the place.
I can't find the inspiration to write, I have terrible headaches and I am just a woman in a panic mode.
So this is what I do: I put on my sneakers, I leave my hair down, I grab my favourite book and I go and sit by the ocean.
Music on, world off.
I feel the earth on the ground under my feet and I absorb each ray of light into my heart.
The sun creeps between the clouds creating a magnificent ray of light.
It shines down like angels floating on the seabed.
And that blue colour...that overwhelming calm sinks deep into my soul and in that moment the world becomes silent and my thoughts stand still.
I can't even hear people passing by.
My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all nature. 
I try to be in the moment. I try to feel the now.
To hell with tomorrow, to hell with all problems & barriers. Nothing matters but the now.
How do you minimise your stress levels?