In my early teens I found myself sitting on a flight to Thailand looking out at a silver of red in the dark sky, like a distant forest fire.
The screen showed us moving at 36,000 feet across a spatchcocked globe approaching Bangkok on our eastward route to the country of smiles.
There, we took another flight to the Thai paradise island of Phuket. I was able to stay long enough to experience its remarkable white-sand beach, lush tropical jungle and the kind of turquoise sea you see only on postcards.
The silence below the waves and its devotion to the moon through it's tides made me feel safe. The air smelled of seaweed and quite often tropical rain. 
This place has been the heartbeat of my summer. If I had the ability to freeze frame, I could match it up to the Brooke Shields movie, the Blue Lagoon.
Serenity depends on the remoteness of the destination but I've learned that in order to find beauty everywhere you must truly love nature. 
After all, it is nature that embellished us with emotions for a purpose. 

Create and appreciate your own paradise, wherever that may be.
photos are stills from the Blue Lagoon movie [1980]