Somewhere in South Asia there's a world unlike any other. A place where the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism blend together as effortlessly as architecture. A paradise where nature's earthy colours mingle with culture's saturated hues. This summer I took the spicy route to India. A world beyond your imagination. A world beyond anything you could ever expect. 

While I was exploring New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, all these thoughts and words were dancing in my mind. And so, every night the white ceiling became my canvas and little by little it was wildly filled with words that perfectly describe India's Golden Triangle: captivating, enchanting, fascinating, pure. All three cities are considered to be iconic in their own right, with distinct personalities and endless exciting features. From Delhi's colourful markets to Agra's Taj Mahal to Jaipur's Amber Fort, this country is bound to inspire an awakening in you. An appreciation of all things simple and a desire to live in the moment. 

This trip has caused me to drink inspiration and creation till I am drunk. Kiss the old stars goodbye and open my heart for new ones. Fall in love with everything around me. Dance to new melodies. Walk around in a bit of a haze and look at everything through a different prism. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I even got sick (food poisoning, since you asked).

Even though at the end of the day, my feet was dirty and my hair was messy, my eyes sparkled. And that's when I knew that I've been thunderstruck by India. Whatever the hell that means... 

photography by me | follow on instagram for more!