There's no doubt that the best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw the clouds. The people that mark a before and an after. The people that believe in you so much, you start believing in you too. They are the ones who love you simply for being you. They tear down your walls and smack you awake. I'd like to call them, the sun chasers
They keep their face towards sunshine and watch the shadows magically fall behind them. They are a dazzling sight, they are the life of a party. Their eyes bring a warm glow to my wintering vision and their smiles shine bright. They seek for light when there's darkness, they look for the stars when it's night.
They are above, they are below. They are beyond – they are all around. And they complete everything. They complete me. They are my sun chasers – you know, the once in a lifetime kind of people.