Welcome to the Jungle, he's got fun and games. He's got everything you want, oh you know the name...

I am talking of course about Canadian-born designer Erdem. Fashion's cognoscenti gathered at the Old Selfridge's Hotel to see the designer's botany-inspired Spring Summer 2015 collection. Leaves and blooms, all magically spawning on to demure sheer dresses. A flourish of feathers wows all around. Greens, yellows, whites and blues accentuate the verdant vibes and are subsequently juxtaposed with the dark grounds. Gladiators and boyish flats stormed down the catwalk, toughening up the jungle's goddesses. Picking up the pieces from last year's insubstantial collection (accurately described by Mr.Blanks) Erdem has finally found the right balance between romance and darkness. 

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