Because Fridays are for lovers. 


A girl met a boy. Boy was fascinated. Girl was enthralled.
His chatoyant eyes, cheeks like wine.
Her delicate smile. She was finally ready to unwind.
At a lamplit bar they got lost and found. They laughed, they talked about Area 51.
Two lost souls became one.
His tender kiss. Against a car. Screaming desires.
In the company of the crescent moon and the diamond stars.
Together. His arm around her; he walked beside her.
Always. Waited. Protected. Her fragile heart.
They stripped their souls naked. Undressed. Touched. Loved. 
His hand on her cheek. He pulled her close.
Why me? He wanted to know.

Close, closer....come. Scared.
The past caught up with her. And he was gone.
Where did the love go?
Jealousy. Fear. Lies. Mistakes. Took over. Consumed their souls.
Others involved. Hurt.
More, more and more... Stop!
Is he okay? She wanted to know.
Time will heal. Time will tell.
Nature has its way if two souls are destined to connect.
To find a way and make things work again.
For him. For her. For them.
Yes, a boy once met a girl. And now they are perfect strangers.
Pleased to meet you...
I'm The Girl.