Do they see the way the light is fading?
Did nobody tell them that, while space is endless, stars are not?


I look up at the cold winter sky at night. I see nothing but darkness and the twinkling of stars. It endlessly intrigues me. What is darkness? What are stars? What is up there? What would we see if we explored the universe?
I've learned that each star we see is gone, dead.
The ball of fire burning bright we call a star, turns into a vortex of darkness as death approaches it. Death brings darkness. And now, only its light is left; the light of its past life...
But even though we see dying stars, there are billions of new ones born creating new light in the darkness of space; new light to fill the sky, new light for all to see.
I look up at the cold winter sky at night; to remind me that just like the galaxy, life brings in new light and burns out the old.
Remember this when the morning returns.