Par The Girl; Photographe Vogue Runway


The set was spun out of dreams of wondrous enchantment. Ethereal creatures with starry tears traversed the gardens in which a wishing tree grew and mysteries bloom. Maria Grazia Chiuri's first haute couture collection for Christian Dior took place at the idyllic fields of imagination – specifically at Musée Rodin. And pure magic was all around.


Beneath the strands of silk ribbons and lightbulbs, the pink-cheeked girls wandered the pathways in beautiful gowns with deep necklines, lingerie straps and cascading layers of embroidered tulle. A fistful of garden-referenced headdresses adorned their romantic tendril tresses. 


The green labyrinth was an allegory of Chiuri's own life and career. Almost like a simulacra of all the challenges she currently faces at the Parisian house. Sure, the fairytale mood – fostered by the designer's years at Valentino in Rome – was omnipresent. But just like the hedges, Chiuri has grown in all the right ways. And anyone who wishes to stifle her bloom, does not belong in her garden.