The Girl for Lovers and Drifters. 


As she walked down the streets, she scattered her enemies. This was her prelude to anarchy. This was her shot to prove she was the symbol of resistance. She was a dangerous girl. And nothing was holding her back.
“Undermine their pompous authority”, she sung with heart and voice.  
She caught your attention… she pulled you in, like the vixen she was. Piercing blue eyes, cheeks like wine. She was deadly, tough and shrewd.

She was never in the mood for demure skirts and flowy hems. She was dressed in rage. She stamped her black boots, lit a cigarette and gained control of everything.
She caused chaos and disorder but no one could arrest her. She was a rock star… And so there she stood; happy and glorious. She became victorious.
God save this gracious Queen… Long lives this noble Queen. And that’s how she came to reign over you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

this story was written for Lovers & Drifters.