Love is like being in a beautiful field of flowers. 


Love is like being in a beautiful field of flowers. It's so beautiful, bursting with radiant colours. And all you want to do is just capture its unique beauty. Take it everywhere. But no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to grasp that essence. 

Sure, unexpected dark clouds roll in and the rain pelts down. But, the rain creates fog and then the fog spreads over the field, causing a hazed vision. And through the fog you can't notice the seasons changing, so after all the struggle you finally find your way, and step out of that fog. You’re standing there, you’re just standing in that open field. 

And even though the field still contains that shed of beauty that you once witnessed, the flowers have wilted and the colour has faded. So you are left in the aftermath. Waiting, just waiting for a sign. That one sign to give you the okay that one day this field will bestow that beauty once more.

But it scares you, it scares you to no end thinking, because when this field regains its beauty, will the fog come with it?