Saturday night fever.
I'm wearing a silver-sprinkled cloak embroidered with stardust and moon. 
O' moon-dreamer, are you ready to run with me? 
Run, run, run... forget about the sun. 
It's time to party and I'm drinking whiskey from the jar. 
As I enter the white room, I see a feast of friends. 
Jim reads ethereal poetry and transcends.
Bob plays the harmonica and leads the way.
Lay, lady lay... 
Two men introduce themselves, 
within the sound of silence. 
Pleased to meet you, hope you guess our name.
Is it Simon and Garfunkel? 
Tame, tame...
The pretty child, the sweet one. 
Thoughts interrupt. Bodies collide.

Stones come rolling in...
and I'm starry-eyed. 
I step outside for a moment and see a Zeppelin fly across the diamond sky. 
Good times, bad times... 
still so dazed and confused. 
Baby, it ain't no crime. 
Jean genies, cat people... 
go back to Suffragette city
and leave me alone.
On my own. 
Janis gives me the blues, 
so I need an experience with Hendrix. 
Ooze ooze...
Purple Haze, all in the room. 
I'm the poet and you're the muse. 

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Poem was inspired by Evangelina's favourite songs. All puns intended. Poem was written at 3:30A.M.