Par The Girl;  Je porte the Purple Haze dress;  Photographe Christina.

Tallulah Rose is my mom's new bohemian clothing brand. 


What is the meaning behind the name? The name Tallulah has two meanings: 'lady of abundance' and 'leaping water'.
And the Rose is everything to our brand; not just because it symbolises love, passion, balance, purity and wisdom; not just because William Shakespeare once said, What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But because it's the flower I give my mother on Mother's Day. 
We chose to name our brand Tallulah Rose as a dedication to the mother-daughter relationship; as a tribute to the woman in harmony with her spirit. 

What is the ethos? What if the dark colours of the world disappeared and a haze of exuberant hues unraveled your mind? That's the question that inspired the creation of Tallulah Rose - a paean to escapism; a tribute to the strong and independent woman. With an emphasis on handmade, we adopt the helter-skelter style of life and create a sumptuous medley of cultures. 
The Tallulah Rose woman is a walking intoxicating poem of vibrant prints, dense embroideries and airy silhouettes that channel the ultimate hippie and bohemian fantasies. 
Because in a world where serenity has been beaten into oblivion, the birth of Tallulah Rose is nothing more but a peaceful message: make love, not war.