Par Purple Haze & The Girl; Photographe Vogue Runway


When a designer masterfully flips my nostalgia for the psych rock aesthetic that characterised the 60s into hypnotising designs, I am enthralled. The vision of Hendrix thrashing at his guitar was the image of my adolescence and with this season's Saint Laurent menswear collection, Hedi Slimane delivered in a seductive homage to the late legend. 


Psych Rock's New Rising was the name of the collection that featured a plethora of ponchos, embroidered jeans, snakeskin boots and amulets. Slimane also tapped into 1969 Woodstock hippie era by showcasing florals and ethnic pendants hang on naked torsos. One of Slimane's statuesque character was reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, with the model sporting an afro hairstyle and a leather waistcoat. Los Angeles 60s revivalist band Mystic Braves composed and performed Bright Blue Day Haze that complimented both visually and aurally the show.


Despite Slimane's collections for Saint Laurent being often divisive and controversial, this season there's something in the air - and it smells like Purple Haze.