To the one who inspired it. 


A melancholy canopy covers my mind just like the grey clouds that imprison the Earth. As I grow tired and burdened by this wicked wind, I realise that something came to an end. Not the world exactly, just the summer. There would be other summers, of course. But there would never be one like this. Ever again. 
Right now a mixture of pleasantness and nostalgia is blown in by this autumnal breeze. As I rummage through an epistolary of memories, I feel that for the first time in my life I emanate rays of joy and relief. Yes they say that every summer has a story but the past few months have been like a beautiful novel. A medley of fairytale-like coincidences and tumultuous waves. 

The things we are most afraid of are what we need the most. And I was afraid of bonafide love. I locked my heart safely in a dark, airless casket and everything had suddenly stopped. It was as if my heart had become impenetrable. So I would purposely choose to be with the wrong person over and over again. But then a boy with a mirror soul came into my life and showed me what was holding me back this entire time. You know the kind of boy who breaks your heart open and tears your ego apart. The kind of boy you sit and talk to for hours about mythical constellations and engraved mysteries of the worlds that collide.

The kind of boy who is brave enough to explore your darkness. The kind of boy who discovers the infinite power of your light. If there's anything that this summer has taught me is this: it is okay to choose to be with the wrong person first. You see, when the right person comes along (and trust me you will know) you will want to reveal yourself fully. Why, you may ask? Because love is not love until love's vulnerable. 

Photo was taken by me. I am a sucker for sunsets and romance.