Par Purple Haze & The Girl; Photographe Vogue Runway


An homage to blue bloods. 


Cara, Kendall, Alexa et al piled into the Tate Modern for Topshop's Unique Fall collection. The show featured a myriad of English Rose models clad in highly intricate embellished frocks, vinyl mini skirts and silk parkas. With rock bands like The Smiths and The Waterboys blasting through the speakers, the music accentuated the British Heritage iconography of the collection. 


The whole vibe suggested some good-girl-gone-bad attitude. Or in Kate Phelan's own words: an homage to blue bloods that have a little bit of a naughty time at Boarding School. Wearable? Definitely.


It was a sophisticated son-et-lumière presentation for the girl who wants to look rich and loaded. Because let's face it: I don't think the Chelsea girl is going to stop by Topshop anytime soon.