Introducing Purple Haze & The Girl  – an online space or canvas by Evangelina Fysa

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was an observer, part of wallpaper. You see, this girl spent most of her time watching the nuance of situations, feeling the energy and standing outside the fray. 
So she did what most diffident and introvert human beings do – she taught herself technological wizardry and went onlineEvery night, her  blog became her canvas and little by little was wildly filled with words, for words would be the only power she thought she possessed. 

The girl eventually found music, photography, film, novels and poems between the silences of dusk and her eyes split open. Rules bent into unrecognisable shapes and creativity flown in her and destroyed every chain shackling her heart. 
And so, in 2013, she launched PURPLEHAZEGIRL.COM – an online space or canvas that taps into lost bohemia and creates an immersive scarlet-lit scene for romantics, wanderers, old souls, rockers and poets. 

This is her dazed & confused, wild-eyed, romantic perspective of the world.